Workshops & Events

Wholehearted Living Workshops and Events

Hear the story of “Wholehearted Living”

and how God is using this program to bring transformation in women’s lives

Tuesday, August 29th

10 a.m. and again at 7 p.m.

Hosted at Compass Financial, 4801 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines

Through classes and coaching sessions, we help women to go from

                                   disconnected, tired and overwhelmed


                                connected, energized and confident!

Learn about the simple process that can help you to get unstuck, and help you find your purpose and passion.

  • Here from previous and current participants
  • Preview the 8 week curriculum
  • Ask questions you may have
  • Grab one of the class openings before its too late

Invite your friends to come with you.

Alicia and the Wholehearted Living team offer a variety of interactive workshops. In addition, they are happy to work with you on presenting workshops that support the theme or focus of your particular event. Whether 20 or hundreds of participants, we deliver workshops where everyone gets involved and has great takeaways. Contact us to schedule a presentation today.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Our WOW! Workshops

“These workshops provided a fun, interactive way of learning to understand, appreciate and release the strengths in ourselves and others on our team.” -Josh, Pastor

“I really enjoyed this series of workshops with Alicia and her team, and found them to be very valuable. I would highly recommend them to others!” – Julie, Harvest Vineyard Church

“This workshop provided the tools and experiences, to better understand ourselves and one another.  It also greatly improved our communication with each other and our church as a whole. Super helpful!” 

“Our church staff has been working with Alicia to understand and appreciate one another’s work habits and styles.  Through her workshops, she’s given us the ability to embrace our own personalities as well as others.   Alicia is uniquely skilled as a presenter, combining motivation with teaching and fun, in these highly interactive workshops. As a result, our team is experiencing greater dialogue and is eager to participate in the next workshop in this series.”
– Cory, Harvest Vineyard Church