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In a variety of sporting events an “MVP” is chosen; a most valuable player is identified.  This is an individual that’s had the greatest impact in the game. In the “game” of life, have you ever heard of the “MVR?”  Your “MVR” is your most valuable resource. We all have a variety of resources, although […]

Are You Accountable For Yours?

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Would you describe yourself as “accountable?”  By definition, accountable means one that is required or responsible for justifying actions or decisions.  If you’re thinking that you show up on time, keep your word and do what is expected of you, you might consider yourself accountable.  However, are you accountable and when it comes to your […]

Recipe – Part 3

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  The recipe for Wholehearted Living involves three ingredients.  As stated in previous articles, if we were making a pizza, the crust would be “your relationship with yourself.”  The things you put on top would be “your relationship with stuff.”  Now, the cheese (what melts over everything and holds it all together) would be “your […]

Recipe – Part 2

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As shared in my previous article, the recipe for Wholehearted Living involves three ingredients.  The first is your relationship with yourself.  Learning to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, is the foundation for the following ingredients.  If we were making a deep-dish pizza, your relationship with yourself would be the crust. The second […]

Recipe – Part 1

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As stated in my previous article, living wholeheartedly means to love yourself, God and others with all your heart. Most of us have erroneous beliefs and unhealthy behaviors that prevent us from wholehearted living. However, there is a secret family recipe (for living wholeheartedly) that I would like to share with you. Whether or not […]

Do You Have This Family Favorite Recipe?

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“Wholehearted living” means to love God, yourself and others, with all your heart.  Sounds simple, but day-to-day do you find yourself living wholeheartedly?  Unfortunately, most of us don’t.  The secrets to living wholeheartedly are contained in a treasured family recipe; one that was supposed to have been passed down from generation to generation.   It seems, […]

What’s The Fog In Your Life?

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I was recently out of town and ready to start the ten-hour drive back home.  With a full tank of gas, some snacks and a bottle of water, I felt well prepared for the drive. However, there was something that I hadn’t anticipated; a thick, dense layer of fog that covered all but a few […]

Thanks For The Gift

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Sally and Ken. They may sound like ordinary names to you, but to me they are two very special people who left an extraordinary impact on my life. Back in the 1970s, when I was a young adolescent girl, I came to be friends with one of their daughters, Tammy, who was my age. Throughout […]

Is Yours Normal?

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Many people have some sort of tradition or specific way in which they celebrate Thanksgiving. How about you? What do you consider “normal” when it comes to celebrating this holiday? Maybe your holiday includes cooking and cleaning for a large gathering with family and friends. Maybe you eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, with others or by […]

What Do You and This Sports Item Have In Common?

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The Nike Company recently developed a new sports watch.  This isn’t your ordinary watch, for it includes a GPS and an extra special feature.  With this watch when you are walking or running, you can access audible messages that provide encouragement.  The promotional material says, “It’s like having your own personal coach right on your wrist!”  The […]