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We help women to discover, and celebrate, who God created them to be.

Imagine what it would feel like to love and like yourself, rather than being your own biggest critic; to live with nothing to fear, nothing to lose and nothing to prove. It sounds so simple, but day-to-day do you find yourself living wholeheartedly?

To do so requires decluttering; getting rid of the stuff that weighs you down and causes resistance to the life God has prepared for you. As you make your way along the Wholehearted Living journey, you’ll gain tools to declutter your relationship with yourself, with food, your body and ultimately, with God.


Do You Spell Relief Like I Do?

How often do you worry?  Are you often anxious or fearful? If so, you’re not alone.  Statistically, over 25% of our population deals with worry and anxiety in a significant way. However, there’s a difference between occasionally worrying, and thinking you’re a “worrier.”  If you think God created “a worrier” as part of your identity, […]

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Is This One Word Killing You?

I used to busy –like most women I know; I’d say “yes” to nearly anything!  I was critical of who I thought I was and consequently, pushed myself a lot.  I was trying the best I could to keep everyone happy, yet under the surface, I was unhappy.  I was exhausted and anxious, and new […]

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Are You Ready to Hear “You’re Fired”?

Are you fairly nice to other people –at least to your family and friends?  What about to those with whom you disagree (maybe certain politicians, neighbors or others)?  And, how do you treat yourself?  When you make a mistake or say something you later regret, are you nice to yourself?  What do you say to […]

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