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We help women to discover, and celebrate, who God created them to be.

Wholehearted Living involves loving yourself, God and others with all your heart. Can you imagine what it would feel like to love and like yourself, rather than being your own biggest critic; to live with nothing to fear, nothing to lose and nothing to prove? It sounds so simple, but day-to-day do you find yourself living wholeheartedly?

To do so requires decluttering; getting rid of the stuff that weighs you down and causes resistance to the life God has prepared for you. As you make your way along the Wholehearted Living journey, you’ll gain tools to declutter your relationship with yourself, with food, your body and ultimately, with God.


How to Get Rid of Unwanted Guests

When you hear the phrase “unwanted guests,” what comes first to your mind? Do you think of bugs and other critters that would require an exterminator? Or, instead, do you think of some relatives that come more often than you’d like, or stay longer than you’d prefer? The type of unwanted guests I have in […]

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God Rules Our Nation

Election Day has come and gone!!   The frustration, controversy, negativity and scandal is finally OVER! Can I get a “HALLELUJAH”?! How did you cope?  How did you make it through this lengthy political season? Maybe you turned off the news.   Did you mute political commercials?  Perhaps you stayed off Facebook and Twitter.  Did you bite your […]

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Using LEGS to Enjoy a Wholehearted Holiday

If you were asked what you want to remember from the upcoming holidays, how would you respond?  Do you want to remember stressed-filled days, running around like a mad-woman, searching endlessly for the perfect gift for everyone?  Will you hope for snapshots of yourself losing your temper, frustrated with too many things to do?  Probably […]

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